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We’re answering your biggest questions…

  • How can I grip the sticks better so that I can play faster and more comfortably?

  • How in the world do I tune my drums so that they actually sound good?

  • How do you play those fast, one-handed hihat 16ths?

  • What are some simple exercises I can use to free up my hands from my feet?

  • What’s the real secret to sounding good on the drums, beyond just playing with steady time??

  • How can I take all these skills and actually apply them to my playing?

These questions (and many more!) are all clearly answered and demonstrated throughout these video lessons. We get into all the nitty-gritty answers YOU need to know by watching slow motion footage of techniques so that you can really see what’s going on. The accompanying PDF handbook keeps you on track by giving you all the key highlights from each lesson, notation of key grooves and exercises, and action steps you can take right now.

Each video contains...

  • A Lesson. (Teaching, demonstrations, examples, & slow motion footage to thoroughly teach you each topic)

  • Action steps. (These will show you exactly what you can do in your practicing right now to grow in your skill)

  • Written companion (PDF) alongside each video, containing written synopsis, written action steps, and musical notation of any key grooves/fills from the lesson. This means that you’ll have a complete visual companion to go alongside the videos. This will keep you from ever getting bogged down, and you’ll always know what the “boiled-down” essentials are from each lesson.

  • Each main segment is roughly 20-50 minutes in length, though they are all broken down into bite-sized videos. You’ll be able to work at whatever pace you like!

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100% Money-Back Guarantee

If you’re not a fan of the course, and you find that it doesn’t work out, I’ll refund you 100%. No questions asked.