Know what grooves & fills to play - and when to play them!

So you can play your favorite songs quickly by learning the parts found in 99% of rock songs.


The biggest challenges you’re facing as a beginner:

  • Not knowing what to practice or where to start.
  • Not being able to play your favorite songs - which is probably the #1 thing you want to do!
  • Feeling like you’re learning a new language, and you don’t know a single word of it yet.

So let's solve this!

After downloading this guide, you’ll have…

  • 25+ grooves and fills you can use in nearly every song you learn, which means having way more fun on the drums!
  • Clear direction on when to use various grooves or fills, and how to get the most out of them musically.
  • Confidence that you can “speak the language" and begin jamming and sounding great quickly.

It's Yours Today!

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