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Stephen Clark, Drummer Person

Stephen Clark, Drummer Person

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The FULL-ON Video Course

“The 5 Qualities of a Great Drummer”

The long-time-coming and much-anticipated video course, “What You ACTUALLY Need to Know on the Drums,” has really been created BY this Youtube community, FOR this Youtube community. After reaching out to my audience for their direct feedback, I’ve found that this discussion answers the most important question drummers face:

“What are the most essential things I need to practice?” 

“What will actually help me grow in my skills?” 

“There are thousands of videos online telling me what to practice…So how do I sort through the noise?” 

After a successful Kickstarter campaign launched in September of 2018 to pre-sell the product, work began on the video course. It is now available here on the website, so check it out via the button to the right! 


about the non glamorous drummer

Stephen Clark is a drummer and educator who has found his niche playing local gigs around Atlanta, GA, as well as teaching private students and running the “Non Glamorous Drummer” Youtube channel. He loves making music by hitting things, and he has a passion for helping other drummers get better at their craft.