A few common questions I get...

I didn’t get my PDF download! Where is it?

You should receive a download link inside a second email. The first email you received contained the “confirm subscription” link, which officially subscribed you. Once you’ve done that, you’ll automatically receive a second email containing a download link. If this email doesn’t show up after a few minutes, double check your spam folders in case it slipped through the cracks. If you’re still not seeing anything after 5 minutes or so, try “re-subscribing.” This won’t double-subscribe you to the list or anything, so it doesn’t hurt to try this. I’ve found that most of the time this issue resolves itself, so hopefully you’ll be able to grab the PDF soon enough. If not you can shoot me an email, and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

I’m new to drums. Where do you recommend I start?

It’s tough to know where to start and what to prioritize when there’s so much information out there! However, my goal is always to keep things streamlined for you so you know the most important skills to work on.

If you’re brand new to the drums, check out this video and the accompanying free PDF e-guide. These resources will get you on track.

“The All Inclusive 3 Part Practice Routine System”

Specifically, hand technique is a crucial core skill to master on the drums. If you’re totally new, dig into the “hand technique” playlist right here. We start with how to grip the sticks and get smooth rebound, then we progress into other core skills like playing a double stroke roll and mastering paradiddles. Check it out!

What kind of kit do you play? What recording gear do you use?

Check out this blog post on the NGD website that breaks all of this down! I’m all about getting good sounds without breaking the bank, so you can see that I’m not using super expensive gear. Additionally, my studio is my finished basement. Enjoy!

What’s that jingly bracelet thing on your snare drum?

This is a question I see in YouTube comments a lot. :) In pretty much every video you can find that little metallic bracelet on the edge of my snare drum head. Short answer is that it’s there for muffling. But the theory behind it is pretty cool, so check out this video where I explain why the jingly bracelet is way better than moongel.


Contact via Email

Reach me right here at my email with any comments or questions you may have. I love hearing from you, and though I'm not always able to reply to every email - I appreciate you reaching out! In case you're inquiring about a technical issue with an e-guide download, check out the helpful tips in the FAQ above. If you're a student of mine and you're having a technical issue with a course you're enrolled in, I'll get back to you as quickly as possible. 

Thanks for being a fellow Non Glamorous drummer!