TOTAL Hand Freedom for the Beginner

Break past your speed wall and achieve complete fluidity & smoothness on the drum set!

  • No more WEAK HAND

  • No more DROPPING sticks

  • No more getting TIRED during songs

  • No more playing out of TIME

  • No more CLUMSY FILLS 

Here's how to fix all of this now...

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“This stuff works!

It felt so good playing last night. Faster songs felt easier to play and I could really feel like I was leading the band through uptempo songs without dragging. 16th-note fills felt almost effortless and more precise after focusing on playing 32nd notes, and the finger exercises definitely helped with a fairly fast, prolonged ride pattern in particular.”


“One day out of nowhere - I was playing even strokes with both hands!”

"Honestly I have never been this happy about drumming!

My progress for the last 4 weeks has been amazing. I spent this week working on 1/8th & 1/16th note grooves on the hihat at 100-120 bpm, and I was was amazed at how autopilot the ostinato was for me."

Paul C.

"It just came together."


“One day I was free playing on the kit and it just came together. Loose, fast rebound doing all the work. It made me smile.”

"Ok - BREAKTHROUGH!!!! I CAN do this!

Stephen is a GREAT teacher and his method in this program works! Jumping up and down and Thank you Stephen for your encouragement, patience and GREAT program!!!"

Here's what Non Glamorous students are doing after working through THF...


Here's the deal.

Here are the biggest problems you’re probably facing as a beginner… 

  • Weak hand (that galloping sound you struggle to get rid of!)
  • Stiff hands that won’t play fast enough
  • Lack of independence between your hands
  • Not knowing what to practice to solve all this quickly 
  • Inability to execute songs well as a result!


What most beginner drummers are unfortunately doing wrong in trying to solve this…

  • Practicing exercises rather than proper technique & motion
  • Pushing against an ever-present speed barrier rather than addressing the core problem
  • Working too hard to play loud & fast instead of letting the stick work for you


I don’t want you dealing with these struggles a minute longer!

That’s why I created Total Hand Freedom.

Here are the 5 biggest things this course helps you do!

  • Fix your weak hand & play faster singles & doubles (free of that “galloping” sound!)
  • Fluidly navigate around the kit
  • Nail transitions in and out of fills
  • Build the hand-to-hand coordination that leads to 4-way independence
  • Gain the technical prowess to NAIL ANY SONG that comes your way
Find out which version is best for you!

Check out these hand freedom results from fellow Non Glamorous drummers!

Ian S.

"[My hands are] playing things I thought impossible when I began the program.”


“I was going it alone and needed in depth guidance regarding proper hand technique from a real drum teacher. What I like about that THF program is that it establishes a rock solid foundation that will serve you right through your musical journey. There have been many proud moments realizing that my hands had changed.

“Each time I experienced a new awareness that [my hands] are moving freely while effortlessly playing things I thought impossible when I began the program.”



I'm astonished because I'm not used to seeing this kind of progress in such short period of time. Thanks a bunch for putting this training together. This method of yours really works.”


Asher E.

"I'm seeing amazing progress in the short time I've been [working through THF]. Definitely worth every penny!"


“First I want to thank you for your outstanding lessons on youtube. No one else out there is teaching these absolutely critical techniques, and you also give them over in such a clear and understandable way. I watched my first lesson a few days ago, and I've seen measurable improvement in my hand technique, as well as starting to strengthen my left hand. I'm seeing amazing progress in the short time I've been doing them. Definitely worth every penny!”

“This is a big step forward for me.

My two goals were 1. Easier fast hihats - I can do that now without getting tired. 2. More confidence soloing. I played with a singer the other week who sprung a solo on me in the middle of a song, and I did it, and my technique held up. Previously I would have panicked, but my improved technique meant I could think properly while playing."

Peter M.

"Playing felt much easier and much more natural!”


“My grip never felt 'natural.' It was always an effort to play and there was a natural speed limit to my playing. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t get any better or faster. It felt like I‘d never be able to play the things I want to play. Like I‘ve wasted 10 years of playing.

“After a few days in the course, I already had a kind of 'aha moment.' Playing felt much easier and much more natural!”

There's nothing worse than incapable, clumsy hands that don't allow you to play what you want to play.

This means that laying down smooth, professional-sounding grooves and fills is an impossibility because everything ends up choppy and out of time.

And worse yet, you end up feeling embarrassed, incapable, and full of self doubt. You start wondering if it's even possible to overcome this lack of hand technique. Is it too late to start fixing this?

The truth is, you are fully capable of mastering hand technique and achieving total hand freedom.

Every drummer can master hand technique, because it is a learned skill you have to work at.

I feel your pain!

I remember being exhausted, struggling to keep my right hand going in Rosanna - or in any Moeller 16th pattern!

I was constantly rushing the slow songs, unable to make simple parts sound good. 

I was tense, nervous, and always on the edge of a train wreck.

UNTIL I learned the right way to handle my sticks, which is what I'm teaching you all about here.

I've been helping student after student scale the "drumming technique mountain" time and time again, and here are some of their stories:

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Grab these two exclusive trainings on foot technique & coordination. They're only available (and added to your purchase automatically) if you enroll within 3 days.

Free Your RIGHT Foot

Learn the 3 crucial steps for overcoming a slow, sloppy kick drum foot. NAIL your kick parts! [60min workshop]


Free Your LEFT Foot

Optimize your hihats & Keep solid, musical time with “chicks” & “splashes" [50min workshop]

My coaching students have worked through this method with me one-on-one, and here are some results they've gotten!

Tom Z.

Los Angeles, CA

"Through [Stephen's] patient, easy going instruction on the mechanics of drumming, I've been able to fix a lot of self taught bad habits and improve my technique."

Jim W.

San Fransisco, CA

"Stephen began by helping me change my grip, foot position and kit ergonomics. Those were big adjustments, but I felt immediate improvement, and within weeks, I finally felt like I was getting out of my own way, and I now see vastly more potential in my playing. I had no idea how much my bad habits were holding me back, and Stephen helped me correct them within the first couple of lessons. I've realized the smallest changes can make the biggest difference..."

KNOW what to practice.

Learn the core, essential skills through concrete, specific exercises, so that you're AUTOMATICALLY solving SO many other issues in your playing. Your drumming will never be the same!

This is for YOU.

Whether you're a beginner starting fresh or a 40 year veteran working to reverse old habits, this step-by-step method meets you where you are, exposing weaknesses and giving you the exact, specific skills to play loosely, relaxed, and with complete control over your sticks.

Here's what you'll be doing after you work through this course:

  • You’ll know exactly what to practice in a daily, 30 minute session in order to master hand technique - and you can do this even if you feel like you have no talent or skill to begin with.
  • You’ll conquer your weak hand, eliminating the stiff, clumsiness that’s been holding you back for too long. Time for balanced singles, doubles, and paradiddles!
  • You’ll achieve balanced hand-to-hand coordination that produces identical, even rolls around the kit. Time for fluid fill execution!
  • You’ll break past your “speed wall” so you can play 16th singles at 180bpm (and faster) WITHOUT TENSING UP and WITHOUT LOSING THE STICKS - thanks to learning how to grip your sticks the right way AND use your fingers strategically. 
  • You’ll unleash the power, speed, and agility of your fingers (#PUSH-PULL) so that you can play a 150bpm 16th double stroke roll the RIGHT WAY, leveraging both rebound AND finger control for smooth loudness and speed.
  • You’ll master the Moeller 2-stroke technique that makes fast timekeeping much easier, and you’ll be intricately laying down precise ghost notes in grooves thanks to learning REBOUND MANIPULATION. 
  • You’ll be fluidly navigating around the kit for natural, in-time fill execution in any song thanks to loose, relaxed technique that allows physics to do most of the work for you.
  • Most importantly, you’ll learn the key, most essential & specific exercises and techniques to make all of this happen - Even if you just have 30 minutes a day to practice. This is complete clarity, strategy, and direction. You’ll know exactly what to do to grow.

YOU CAN DO THIS! Here are 3 things I believe about YOU:

  1. You CAN learn this, because hand technique is a learned skill that isn't talent-based.
  2. You CAN gain confidence behind the kit so that you're able to focus on the music.
  3. You CAN accomplish all of this even if you only have 30 minutes a day. Small increments of practice breed long term success.

How Much Will This Cost?

Now at this point I’m sure you’re probably asking the necessary question of “how much will this cost?” Well, I teach these very skills to my one-on-one coaching students, and by the time we make it through this much material it’s safe to say that they’ve paid me over $1,000. But of course, I want to make this accessible to you. I’ve condensed my decade+ of experience playing drums professionally and teaching this method to students into a streamlined, step-by-step series of lessons that you can access for life and work through at your own pace. You won’t pay thousands of dollars…or even $500. I’m offering this complete, total hand freedom method to you today for just a single payment of $147. Considering this price and the amount of value packed into this course, enrolling is honestly a no brainer. And when you sign up today, you'll receive instant access to the course for life.

60 Day, Triple Guarantee

But you don’t even have to decide right now whether or not to enroll. Take advantage of my triple guarantee! Try out the course for 60 days, and if you don’t get the results you expect, I’ll gladly refund you 100%. If your weak hand doesn’t improve, your grip doesn’t get looser and more relaxed, you’re not navigating more freely around the kit, or your doubles don’t get smoother… I’ll give you your money back. Or if you just don’t like how the videos look or how my drums are tuned - or you don’t like my hair gel or my beard… (sometimes I don’t like my hair gel)…I’ll gladly refund every penny! This is a no-hassle, no-questions-asked money-back guarantee, so grabbing the course right now is a total no-brainer.

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You'll also receive these bonuses!

Now if you enroll today, you can grab some exclusive and even limited extras that go beyond the regular course content. These special bonuses are designed to help you even further and take your hand technique and musicality on the kit to the next level. 

Here’s the first bonus, and this is a big one.

Personalized feedback & critique video

  • I’m offering you a personalized critique & feedback video so that you can get my input, tips, and strategy for YOUR hands. You’ll send in a quick video, and I’ll send back a video reply! There’s no faster way to learn than by getting individualized feedback on your playing, and I believe this will give you lots of clear direction that will save you time in the practice room. I’ll pinpoint for you exactly what you need to focus on so that you can get fast results that make a difference in all areas of your playing. Now these feedback videos are limited, and I won’t be able to offer this forever. So enroll now so that you can take advantage of this. Once you’re signed up, you’re locked into this offer whether you want to take advantage of it next week or several months from now.

But this isn't the only bonus you'll receive!...

4 real-world Case Studies to put your skills to work

  • In the course, we learn technique on a practice pad - then we apply it to the kit. But what if we went a step further to talk about how we apply the drumset techniques we’ve learned into our favorite songs? In other words, how does all of this play into the real world scenario of learning songs for a gig? What we do in this bonus module is break down in detail 4 main types of songs you might encounter on a gig. We discuss exactly how to use the technique you’ve learned to nail these previously difficult playing styles with ease. We learn a halftime shuffle (think Rosanna or Fool in the Rain!), a blues shuffle (think Stevie Ray Vaughan or Joe Bonamassa), and we also work through how to play fast songs without dragging or getting tired - and how to play slow ballads without rushing or sounding choppy. This stuff is crucial, and it’s really the icing on the cake. This is how we actually use all these hand skills in the real world. Imagine nailing a blues shuffle or a halftime shuffle that you’ve never been able to get quite right because of stiff hands. Now, this is no problem!

Now these bonuses won’t be available forever, especially the personalized feedback tier as well as the one-on-one coaching tier. I can only do so many of these, so I may have to take them down in the future. I’d hate for you to miss these things, so be sure to enroll now while the full bonus packages are still available.

Think ahead 6 months from now...

What will your drumming life look like in a few weeks…a few months… or even a year from now, when you’re finally equipped with all the know-how and all the real, tangible hand skills to execute whatever you want on the kit?

You will have gone from embarrassed, insecure drummer who is afraid they lack the talent to succeed...

To confident, creative drummer who nails songs, grooves, & fills - and has tons of fun in the process!

Think ahead to when you’re just playing music, not worrying at all about what your hands are doing. Imagine filling around the kit at any tempo, staying in time and playing smoothly from drum to drum. Thanks to loose, flawless grip, your sticks freely bounce around the kit without clashing or falling to the floor.

You’re not losing sticks anymore, and instead you’ve gained huge amounts of control by simply learning how to grip correctly for maximum rebound.

Your time has improved too, because a freely bouncing stick naturally plays in time on its own! Thanks to your new finger agility skills, doubles are a breeze at any tempo and volume, and so are one-handed Moeller-style 16ths on the ride or the hats.

You’re even nailing busy ghost note grooves that you couldn’t have imagined playing cleanly and precisely before. You’re now mixing super soft ghost notes with loud rimshot backbeats…all without having to think about what your hand is actually doing.

This is the CONFIDENT FREEDOM you gain when you master hand technique. YOU CAN DO THIS!

Now if we’re talking about what life will be like if you DO work through this method, we also have to be fair and talk about what will happen if you DON’T enroll...

If you choose not to dig into this method, here’s what will happen… 




Nothing will happen, and nothing will change. All the same frustrations that have been there for months or years…they’ll still be there!

You’ll still be struggling with that weak hand. You’ll still be wondering what it is you’re not quite doing right with your grip that would allow you to break past your speed wall and achieve fluidity on the kit.

You’ll still be facing all these things…alone…and it might take a while to progress. I don’t want you to go at this alone. That’s why I’m offering you this course. :)

Like I said earlier, it doesn’t matter where you are right now. You might feel like you have no talent - that there’s no hope for your “forever flawed” grip.

But I’m here to tell you that that’s simply not true. Anyone can master grip, because it is a learned skill. Nobody is born with flawless grip. Every drumming great has had to work on their hand technique at some point, so join the club!

You really can go from stiff grip with a horribly weak hand… to complete freedom where your hands loosely execute anything you want them to. You CAN master this so that you can focus on the music, improvising on the kit and becoming the creative musician you’re called to be.

We want to be musicians, and we must first build a solid foundation for our house. Let's do this together! Let me be your guide.

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Here's What We're Covering...

Module #1 - Create GRAVITY-DEFYING REBOUND | Grip the RIGHT way for smoothness, consistency, and effortless speed & volume

  • Lesson 1: The IDEAL grip every drummer should know - Set yourself up for maximum speed & volume success on the drums
  • Lesson 2: Know that you’re gripping correctly by ELIMINATING STICK WOBBLE with the FREE BOUNCE
  • Lesson 3: Get more easy rebound AND achieve better timekeeping by using the “DOUBLE FULCRUM”
  • Lesson 4: Change volume easily and stop LOSING THE STICKS by making key grip adjustments - DYNAMIC GRIP
  • Lesson 5: How to leverage singles to SOLVE YOUR WEAK HAND for smooth fill execution
  • Lesson 6: Speed Building Part 1: Break past your speed wall by working out each finger individually
  • Lesson 7: Speed Building Part 2: How to seamlessly transition between wrist and fingers for super fast single stroke rolls
  • Lesson 8: The all-inclusive hand exercise that works everything you’ve learned in Module #1
  • Lesson 9: How to have fun working on boring technical things every day

Module #2 - Play FAST, EVEN DOUBLES | 4 steps to a fast, smooth, even double stroke roll

  • Lesson 1: Two for the Price of One - Use the FREE bounce to effortlessly play twice as fast
  • Lesson 2: The Crucial Doubles Step Everybody Skips - How to Set yourself up for success at ANY tempo!
  • Lesson 3: The Open-Close “Push-Pull” Finger Motion - Use your fingers to even out your doubles
  • Lesson 4: Pillow Practice the RIGHT WAY - Strengthening your doubles day by day for more power, balance & speed
  • Lesson 5: The ultimate daily doubles exercise for consistent growth

Module #3 - Master the MOELLER 2-STROKE | Keep time twice as fast as you think you can with the motion that makes fast one-handed 16ths a reality

  • Lesson 1: The Piston Motion - Nailing the 2-stroke Moeller technique in 2 Steps
  • Lesson 2: The wrist workout that builds fast, fluid hihat 16ths - No more getting tired in the middle of the song!
  • Lesson 3: The one handed shuffle pattern broken down - How to play the “Rosanna” hihat part without stiffness or clumsiness
  • Lesson 4: The complete exercise for well-rounded Moeller 2-stroke practice
  • Lesson 5: 10 great songs for having a blast working out your Moeller 2-stroke

Module #4 - NAIL GHOST NOTES by manipulating rebound (The SECRET to executing ghost note grooves!)

  • Lesson 1: The “Drop-Choke” & the “Stick-Toss” | The ONLY WAY to mix soft ghost notes with loud backbeats in a groove
  • Lesson 2: The epic ghost note workout on drumset - Applying the ghosting technique to the kit
  • Lesson 3: 5 fun & musical ghost note grooves to work your left hand and challenge your groove skills

Module #5 - Achieve perfect HAND-TO-HAND COORDINATION | Build complete balance & evenness between your hands (so you can play whatever you want your hands to play with no roadblocks!)

  • Lesson 1: Paradiddle Tricks Part 1 - FREE your ear to listen specifically to each hand while playing
  • Lesson 2: Paradiddle Tricks Part 2 - Increase your hand-to-hand coordination AND your ear by learning accented paradiddle variations
  • Lesson 3: The #1, final exercise for eliminating your weak hand & perfecting your singles & doubles
  • Lesson 4: 10 random stickings to push your all-around kit coordination
  • Lesson 5: The hand coordination final test - Tips for open handed playing
  • Lesson 6: The Ultimate Hand Warmup - How to practice everything you’ve learned so far in the course...every day

Module #6 - NAVIGATE AROUND THE KIT FLAWLESSLY | The secrets to eliminating stick clash & stick drops and rolling around the kit with ease

  • Lesson 1: The Secret to Kit Fluidity - How to harness the power of STICK HEIGHT & DYNAMIC GRIP to move from drum to drum effortlessly
  • Lesson 2: The key to smooth, fast one-handed 16th timekeeping - Applying the Moeller 2-stroke to the hihat & ride
  • Lesson 3: Technique in the real world - How to not FAIL at technique when playing songs

Module #7 [BONUS] - APPLY TECHNIQUE TO MUSIC! | Use the skills you’ve learned to play 4 common (challenging!) groove types

  • Case Study #1: How to nail a 160bpm halftime shuffle with one-handed hihat
  • Case Study #2: How to swing a 120bpm blues shuffle with snare ghosting
  • Case Study #3: How to relax & not drag an uptempo rock song with fast timekeeping
  • Case Study #4: How to play a super slow ballad without rushing or sounding choppy

PLUS we've got a whole bunch of additional content beyond the basics laid out here! Within each lesson you'll find the accompanying PDF handbook to help solidify concepts and provide written "action steps," plus there are audio play-a-long click tracks for some of the exercises. We've pulled out all the stops and we've been sure to include all the extra material you need to help you succeed and gain a ton of value out of this course.

Let's get started!

Click the big “enroll” button below to grab your spot in the course now. Your drumming will never be the same. I'll see you in the course!

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