FREE your feet from your hands with 3 powerful methods

If you’re afraid that you’ll never reach that true comfort level on the kit where you’ve fully freed your hands from your feet…this lesson is for you! We’re taking a simple method from the book “Stick Control” and using it to free your feet so that you can play intricate grooves with ease.

Even if you've never heard of "Stick Control," no worries because I'll provide you with everything you need to get started!

We're going to apply various sticking patterns to different limb combinations, which will free your feet and teach your limbs to smoothly execute more intricate patterns. This stuff is cool, so I hope you get a lot out of this and are able to take this straight to your practice room. If you practice everything I’m about to show you, your coordination will improve a TON! I’ve seen it in so many of my students and in my own personal practice.

Here’s what you’ll be able to do if you...

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5 ways to transform your coordination using ONE rhythm

If you’re struggling with coordination and improvisation and you don’t know where to turn…this lesson is most definitely for you. 

If you practice everything we discuss in this lesson, your coordination will improve a TON! I’ve seen it in so many of my students and in my own personal practice.

Here’s how this works:

We’re taking a simple rhythm from the popular method book “Syncopation” by Ted Reed, and we’re seeing how many ways we can play it on the drumset. You could probably create a near-infinite number of these variations, so we’re just going to create 5 versions in three popular drumming styles that you can take to your practice room today to greatly push your 4-way coordination.

This method is powerful, and it’s super practical and actionable. So let’s get going! Watch the video, then head to your practice room. :)

WATCH: IMPROVISE & Achieve Limb Independence with ONE Rhythm...

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