Why does my snare drum sound CHEAP??

If your snare is too ringy, lacking in tone…or it just sounds plain cheap and you don’t know why… I’ve got you covered with a bunch of solutions today!

A mediocre-sounding snare might not be your drum’s fault - or at least not your snare drum shell’s fault. We’ll cover all the bases here and get your drum sounding way better without you going out and buying a new $500 snare.

Here’s what we’re helping you do today…

  • Create a nice sounding ring that isn’t annoying (or get rid of ring altogether if you don’t want it)
  • Create a “dead” sound without losing “beef” and “punch”
  • Muffle your snare the RIGHT way without losing all the tone and character
  • Sound way more professional by striking your snare the right way (sometimes a cheap snare sound is 100% the drummer’s fault! :/ )

WATCH: Why Does My Snare Drum Sound Cheap?

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