The hihat bark CHEAT for nailing open notes in a groove

The solution for nailing those quick open notes on the hihats is actually pretty simple, and it all starts with coordinating your left foot.

The truth is, you CAN conquer the notoriously challenging hihat “barks” when you know what to practice. I’ll show you the best techniques for pulling these off as well as a practical exercise to get smooth open note barks happening in your grooves.

Here’s what we’re covering in today’s video!

  • The ideal stick placement on the hats to achieve maximum contrast between your closed & open notes
  • A simple exercise to help lock your left foot with either of your hands
  • How to coordinate the mechanics of open notes, eventually building them into a groove
  • How to ultimately “CHEAT” at all of this and play rapid barks on autopilot

Don’t miss this! Take action with your left foot and hihat creativity right now. Check out the lesson…

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