Which Drumheads Are The BEST??

Man…I don’t think a gear discussion could get any more subjective and controversial as this one, but I’ll throw out some thoughts and ideas that might help to guide your drumhead shopping.

  • #1: The first things to be aware of when shopping for the perfect heads is this: You have to find which heads sound the best on YOUR KIT. Just because a certain set of heads sounded great on your friend’s kit doesn’t mean they’ll be the perfect fit for your kit.
  • #2: Each of the leading drumhead companies have their strengths and weaknesses. One company might excel at making their heads feel great, while another might excel at durability. Yet another might achieve the best consistency from head to head, and their heads might be the easiest to tune. Don’t get too caught up in what brand you buy. Regardless of whether the head is Remo, Evans, or Aquarian, it’s made by a popular company that thousands of drummers have been happy...
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