The foolproof method for fixing your WEAK hand

If you have a weak hand, odds are it's not gotten any stronger over the years. Meanwhile your strong hand has excelled. Why is this?

We’re answering this frustrating question today, and we’re digging into a super solid, 4-step method for fixing your weak hand once and for all.

Stop worrying about your slow, clumsy hand that can’t keep up with the other! Let’s deal with this. This is the method I put every one of my students through, and it really does have a 99% (if not 100%) success rate. If you follow these steps, you’ll get the same results too!

WATCH: The Foolproof 4-Step Method for Fixing Your WEAK Hand

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5 MUST-KNOW drumming technique lessons for every beginner

Many of us have overlooked little technical details on the drums, even if we’ve been playing for years. The truth is you can go really far on the instrument but your playing still be haunted by little technical details holding you back in ways you may not have ever noticed. Let’s cut to the chase and get your technique squared away right now!

These are the 5 biggest technique lessons I’d give my beginner self if I could go back in time, so it’s safe to say that I personally believe these to be the most crucial tips for any drummer’s success. Whether you’re beginner or advanced, I think you’ll gain something from this discussion.

WATCH: 5 Must-Know Drumming Technique Lessons for EVERY Beginner

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How to effectively practice ANY song on your practice pad

Imagine you’re practicing a song on the drumset. It’s not a crazy technical song (assuming you’re not in a Rush or Tool tribute band), and it’s a song you’ve heard a lot and know pretty well from a musical standpoint (think “Enter Sandman” or “Back in Black” - that type of song).

What typical technical struggles might you encounter when practicing this song? Is it hard to play with perfect time, locking in with the recording? Is it hard to play the fills smoothly and finish them on time? Do you ever feel stiff and not able to relax while you’re playing? Do you feel like your sticks don’t move smoothly from one drum to the next?

These are some pretty common frustrations I hear a lot, and every one of us has been there. So what’s a productive, efficient method for eliminating these issues? Especially how do you solve this if maybe your kit practice time is limited and...

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You have to lose THIS in order to gain Speed & Control

There’s something you must lose if you want to gain speed, control, and stability on the drums. Maybe you can relate to this…

But first I have to hijack this email with something else I'm excited about. I hardly ever share personal, family stuff in these emails, but this is something I have to tell you.

My wife and I had a baby this month!

We're thrilled to welcome our new baby girl into the world and to spend less time sleeping and more time changing diapers. :) Life is super busy in a new way right now, but thanks to the modern technology of a digital business the Non Glamorous Drummer can keep humming along as usual. We now have an extra mouth to feed here at the Clark household, so be sure to enroll in my premium courses on the website. ;) Just kidding - This isn't a hard sell, so do what you want to. But if you do want to sign up for a course I won't stop you.

Ok on with today's promised email lesson...

When I was in high school, I had my chops together and I...

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